Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My goal this week...

We are enjoying the most moderate August in history here in Southwestern Michigan.  I like to take the laptop out to the back porch and write with my morning coffee.  The trees that surround our property are filled with life, and the sounds coming from them distract me so much that I just sit and listen.  Writing forgotten, coffee automatically going to my mouth as I enjoy the sounds and scents of nature. It is the most peaceful place I believe I have ever had the good fortune to be.

That being said, The stories begin to filter through my brain.  Dumb ones, really exciting ones, Stories that come in snippets, stories that unfold completely.  Is it any wonder that I have six different WIP's. Or works in Progress ?  I tend to finish two books within a week or two of each other at a time.  Then I finish two more shortly after that. 

Of course during the mean time I am beginning new books and snippets to follow up later on. At this moment, I have four books in my computer waiting to be edited before I send them to a publisher.  Then it is time to play "let's check our e-mail" three times a day. did the publisher e-mail you? did they accept the book?

I have a short 23,000 word Christmas story that has sat comfortably in my comp since last November. It is a M/F Shifter book. 

Then there is a 37,000 word book that is something new for me to write. Shifters with a few twists. I love this book and I might make it into a series, depending on my fans acceptance and my muse.

The second Tall Pines Shifter book is soon to be finished as in editing. Before I send that off. It has the backstory on the Tall Pines Shifters.  I can only say it involves a witch, and at least one (or two) spells that were shared with me by a card carrying, true to life, Strega Witch.  They are simple spells, but interesting and I am told very effective. The book is an M/F, with secondary characters that are M/M. I hope the sex scene for my secondary characters is allowed to stay in the story.

2 complete books in a different genre will sit until I decide what to do with them.

So, here I sit, with all of these books, all I need to do is make sure I edit them before sending them to the publisher. Why am I procrastinating?  My guilty secret is that I have the talent of a kindergartner when it comes to punctuation. Sad that a woman of my age has so much trouble figuring out where to put a lousy comma. I am pretty good at spelling, and spell check catches the few mistakes with that.

My goal this week is to buckle down and edit the books I have written to date, before starting any new ones. I have also promised myself that I would send them to the publisher as soon as I finish each one, so they do not lie forgotten in the depths of my computer for months before I remember they are there.

:) :( ;) :D :-/ :P :-* :-O #:-S :(( :)) =D7 :-q :-bd

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