Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How did you meet your spouse/ significant other?

     I recently asked a group of Authors and readers the question, "How did you meet your spouse/ partner/ significant other."  I was amazed to find that no less than 25% of the answers were, "Online".  This designation spanned between chat rooms, chat groups, gamers groups, and the varied and many E-Harmony type of sites on the web. Very few of those that met this way have since split up or divorced.  The majority have been married for many years and those couples are still very happy to this day.
     Of the couples that married a high school sweet heart, over half had split up during or shortly after graduation/ during college, then re-connected later. Again, the majority of those couples that had re-connected have been happily married for many years.
     There were numerous other sources of the initial meeting, Met through an ex partner, blind dates, at concerts, house parties and even the "our eyes met in a hallway, instant connection," meetings.
     I was so touched by all of their stories.  As I read them I smiled and even got teary eyed at the beautiful picture of the love they put into those posts. Some of their stories of the twists and turns their lives had to take to get to their happy place made me cry as if I was there seeing the things fall into place.
     Then there were the people, especially the ladies that had no one to call a love.  Tragically they confessed to giving up and resigning themselves to being alone for the rest of their lives. The reasons made my heart ache for those people. "I am old and a big girl, I am far from pretty, I am shy."  And the one that really made my blood boil,,"I am not worth it."
     First I want to hug these people and tell them they are worthy, believe in yourself.  Then I want to get my hands around the necks of the people that have brainwashed these people into believing such crap.  No one should feel unworthy of being valued and loved.  I want to take them out and introduce these people to life in the big world where there are people just like them, people who are looking, hoping to meet a person that will find them worthy.  Yes, even the "not so pretty / big people, / shy people.  I want to place their names on every dating meeting site on the web, introduce them to a room full of single people with similar interests and wants / needs.
     Sadly, I cannot do that for them.  Family, friends and yes they themselves have to step up and try to change their lives.  If you know such a person, please set them up on blind dates, introduce them to other people, tell them they are worthy, help them on a dating site. No one should feel unworthy of love. No one should be invisible. Everyone deserves a Happy Ever After. Or at the very least, a good friend to love and be loved and treasured by.
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