Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am excited!

     So many of my readers e-mail me to say how much they like my books, that I am inspired to keep it up! I have had to curb some of my more creative words due to publisher's constraints.   By that I do not mean anything against the publisher, I love Siren. They have some of the best writers of Erotic Romance on the market today. I am proud to be one of their family of writers.
     That being said, My earlier remark about constraints will no longer be a problem ( I hope).  The books that contain violence and blood and yes sometimes a bit of Gore, I have decided to self publish. 
     It did not occur to me to go this route until the stories began to pile up in my computer.  None of the publishing houses of Erotic Romance want to have blood and gore. Yet I am a firm believer in retribution for my characters.  This doesn't mean I write the slasher type of books. Let me give you a peek at what I am talking about.
     This is an excerpt from my first venture into self publishing, It has not been edited so please be kind about the goof ups. This is the first of what has become a series of books that will follow.

Excerpt From 
Rane's Giants ,
Series: The Lords and Ladies of Tremble Isle

**** The villagers would ultimately be the witness’s, and Lion was the judge. If it were left to her, Rane would give the villagers weapons, and allow them the satisfaction, and chance to re-claim what dignity they could find in killing those evil men.

Gorgile was a much larger village than Droildorf was. There were at least a hundred villagers assembled in front of the hall. They were surrounding Lord Loris, and three of his loyal followers that still lived. The people were emboldened by the presence of the Lord’s Tremble and their forces. They pelted the four helpless men with eggs, and rotting vegetables. Some threw stones. Each time a target was hit, the crowd cheered, urging on those with the most accurate aim.

Lion stood behind the people, allowing them their revenge for a few moments before he needed to break up their fun. The three remaining pregnant women advanced towards Loris. Lion began making his way to join the women, but he was not fast enough. The women gutted their former lord with sharp knives. All three bathed their hands in his blood. They turned to Lion as he stepped near. Their straight spines and hands held out to show Lord Tremble what they had done. There were no tears or begging for understanding and mercy.

Lion nodded his head in approval. The women stood tall and proud in front of him, and he would not punish them for taking retribution. From all accounts, half of the children running around the village were from the rape of young, unmarried women. No, he would not take them to task for their revenge. *****
      I hope you will be as supportive in this venture as you have been with my mainstream Erotic Romance's. I will continue to write Mainstream Erotic Romance, because I love a good love story, even without the harsher aspects. I hope to have Rane's Giants published before October 1st, 2013.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

How much is too much?

     Recently, I have been fielding questions concerning the amount of sexual activity in my books.  Too much  and not enough seems to have a war going on between them.

     From my understanding, two people want me to lay off the graphic wording and descriptions of the scenes I write. They want more realistic scenes. What?

     Show of hands, how many of us actually experience missionary sex as the only position we employ in our bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, dining rooms, and even kitchens?  Where is the creativity and fun in that? Shouldn't sex be fun and not a chore?

     Added to these questions, Why did you buy a book that explicitly states, Graphic Language and Sexual situations? Complaining to an Author that she or he has given you what you asked for when you purchased the book is a bit strange to me. 

     The other side of the fence is easy to answer.  I write stories.  I try to give my characters life.  They have families, they have to balance children, jobs, and paying the bills.  They have snooping cats and dogs that are as nosy as a toddler.  They are not sex toys unless there is a sex scene.  They have a story.  They fall in love.  Some (insert most) of my characters have a bit of kink in them.  I want them to have an enduring relationship.  They have to be vulnerable and courageous. I want them to be unashamed to show humility but are not the kind to wallow in their misery.

     All of this being said, I am continuing to write, edit and two books are just about ready to go to the publisher now. I hope they will be published before Christmas. At least that is the goal.

     Take care and I will get back to you with updates as they happen.
     And as a P>S> I got a great ego boost from another Author today. She told me that she really enjoyed my Not Bad for an Amateur book. That was good to hear.  It is always a boost to hear something nice like that from a peer. It is almost as good as getting an e-mail from a fan that tells me how much she loves my book(s).

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My goal this week...

We are enjoying the most moderate August in history here in Southwestern Michigan.  I like to take the laptop out to the back porch and write with my morning coffee.  The trees that surround our property are filled with life, and the sounds coming from them distract me so much that I just sit and listen.  Writing forgotten, coffee automatically going to my mouth as I enjoy the sounds and scents of nature. It is the most peaceful place I believe I have ever had the good fortune to be.

That being said, The stories begin to filter through my brain.  Dumb ones, really exciting ones, Stories that come in snippets, stories that unfold completely.  Is it any wonder that I have six different WIP's. Or works in Progress ?  I tend to finish two books within a week or two of each other at a time.  Then I finish two more shortly after that. 

Of course during the mean time I am beginning new books and snippets to follow up later on. At this moment, I have four books in my computer waiting to be edited before I send them to a publisher.  Then it is time to play "let's check our e-mail" three times a day. did the publisher e-mail you? did they accept the book?

I have a short 23,000 word Christmas story that has sat comfortably in my comp since last November. It is a M/F Shifter book. 

Then there is a 37,000 word book that is something new for me to write. Shifters with a few twists. I love this book and I might make it into a series, depending on my fans acceptance and my muse.

The second Tall Pines Shifter book is soon to be finished as in editing. Before I send that off. It has the backstory on the Tall Pines Shifters.  I can only say it involves a witch, and at least one (or two) spells that were shared with me by a card carrying, true to life, Strega Witch.  They are simple spells, but interesting and I am told very effective. The book is an M/F, with secondary characters that are M/M. I hope the sex scene for my secondary characters is allowed to stay in the story.

2 complete books in a different genre will sit until I decide what to do with them.

So, here I sit, with all of these books, all I need to do is make sure I edit them before sending them to the publisher. Why am I procrastinating?  My guilty secret is that I have the talent of a kindergartner when it comes to punctuation. Sad that a woman of my age has so much trouble figuring out where to put a lousy comma. I am pretty good at spelling, and spell check catches the few mistakes with that.

My goal this week is to buckle down and edit the books I have written to date, before starting any new ones. I have also promised myself that I would send them to the publisher as soon as I finish each one, so they do not lie forgotten in the depths of my computer for months before I remember they are there.