Thursday, August 15, 2013

How much is too much?

     Recently, I have been fielding questions concerning the amount of sexual activity in my books.  Too much  and not enough seems to have a war going on between them.

     From my understanding, two people want me to lay off the graphic wording and descriptions of the scenes I write. They want more realistic scenes. What?

     Show of hands, how many of us actually experience missionary sex as the only position we employ in our bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, dining rooms, and even kitchens?  Where is the creativity and fun in that? Shouldn't sex be fun and not a chore?

     Added to these questions, Why did you buy a book that explicitly states, Graphic Language and Sexual situations? Complaining to an Author that she or he has given you what you asked for when you purchased the book is a bit strange to me. 

     The other side of the fence is easy to answer.  I write stories.  I try to give my characters life.  They have families, they have to balance children, jobs, and paying the bills.  They have snooping cats and dogs that are as nosy as a toddler.  They are not sex toys unless there is a sex scene.  They have a story.  They fall in love.  Some (insert most) of my characters have a bit of kink in them.  I want them to have an enduring relationship.  They have to be vulnerable and courageous. I want them to be unashamed to show humility but are not the kind to wallow in their misery.

     All of this being said, I am continuing to write, edit and two books are just about ready to go to the publisher now. I hope they will be published before Christmas. At least that is the goal.

     Take care and I will get back to you with updates as they happen.
     And as a P>S> I got a great ego boost from another Author today. She told me that she really enjoyed my Not Bad for an Amateur book. That was good to hear.  It is always a boost to hear something nice like that from a peer. It is almost as good as getting an e-mail from a fan that tells me how much she loves my book(s).

:) :( ;) :D :-/ :P :-* :-O #:-S :(( :)) =D7 :-q :-bd

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