Friday, October 18, 2013

What A Week!

     Rane's Giants is Still being accepted by my lovely readers! I am geeked.

Maybe I should not share this information, however, I feel that my disclosure will perhaps inspire new Author's in a small way.  You see, I sent Rane's Giants to another Publisher, And it was rejected. Yes, even a book as good as Rane's Giants was rejected by one publisher.  I decided to self publish the book because I believed in it. I knew it was a good story and the rest of the series will be just as good.

    I shipped it to a few people I trust to tell me the truth, just in case it was a case of self delusion. No one could figure out why the book had been turned down, in fact I was gratified and humbled by the positive response I received. I was pushed and shoved to submit the book with a very few "tweeks" to JK PUBLISHING.  Primarily I must add by Mary@menagereviewer.

   I finally gave in and talked with Jana Leigh CEO of JK Pub. and thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. Rane was submitted and I signed the contract.  I cannot say enough about the support network this Publisher has in place for their Authors who are fortunate enough to write for them. Where I was used to e-mail only contact, I received personal phone calls and instant messages. I have been treated as one of the family of Author's and support staff. If I have a question, I get almost instant answers.  How Cool Is That????

The Authors that have joined this elite group have been very helpful and offer advice as needed, there are no Diva egos in this company. The support these people give each of their peers is unheard of in most publishing houses. I have to say I am proud to be one of this group of Amazing people.

The point of this disclosure is, do not give up on something you believe in, if one door closes, kick in the next or make your own doorway.  Waiting for someone to justify your hard work and love for writing is a waste of time. submit it or self publish it.

Coming Soon!

  My next book is a Christmas themed short story. Featuring some of my favorite people, WereWolf Shifters!  I Waited For You is the title of the book.  It is a short read at 24,450 words, but a tale of tragedy that culminates into lost love being rediscovered. I must caution my readers, this book contains violence and graphic retribution.  It also contains a beautiful scene of a Christmas miracle or two. I hope you all enjoy it and embrace my characters as much as I have.

   Hawk's Nest, Tremble Island is coming along nicely!
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