Thursday, October 3, 2013

Time has flown

     This summer has been crazy busy.  If I want to think about it, the entire year has been busy for me, both as an Author and personally.  This year alone I have three new books with Siren Publishers.I am waiting to hear if Siren will pick up my Christmas book for the Tall Pines shifters series that began with Not Bad For An Amateur.  That book contains some very graphic, violent, scenes that are in keeping with the nature of Shifters.  Either way, I plan to continue the series.

And Next week,  October 8, 2013, I will have the first book of my new series,Rane's Giants, Book 1 of  TREMBLE ISLAND published under the tender care of JK Publishing. This is a new venture for me. 
    Tremble Island is an entire new world.  An unspoiled place where evolution is taking place and a Spaceship crashes on the planet that they call ECHO.  Tremble Island Is filled with evolving beings, Some have only one shape, some are talented with two, and some, hybrids, if you will, are gifted with more shapes. In this first book, the Lords of Tremble are each gifted with many animals to call to shape and nature.  

    I have not forgotten those gifted with Second sight, Witchery, and other powers that have evolved through the years. Rane is a Healer in the village, She has many natural gifts and uses them selflessly in her work. 

She may be little, and the villagers might want limited healing only contact with her, ( after all she IS a Witch) when Giants begin to appear in the Hall at Droildorf, her true calling becomes known.
  I love this story, and I love the next one that I am working on now to follow Rane's Giants. 

  Now that I have an entire planet to play on, I will run wild for a while, writing about the various new places to found on ECHO.  I am also writing the backstory of the humans that were sent into space to seed other worlds. The Scientists are a collection of Off the chart IQ's.  Like all scientists, they range from the analytical to the downright Bizarre.  ~SIGH~

   So many possibilities, and such a clean tablet to write on ! I had planned to self publish Rane's Giants, then, several people pointed me in JK publisher's direction and I am glad they did!
   I promised myself that I would work on and finish the numerous Works that are in Progress - WIP's, By the end of the year. That is still the plan with detours along the way. There are four stories waiting for my immediate attention. And probably four more that will take more time and thought to build into what I want them to become. 

   I hope you enjoy my new world as much as I have enjoyed building it. Please let me know how you felt about Rane's Giants when you are finished. I would love the feedback from verified readers.  Your opinions are important to me. 
:) :( ;) :D :-/ :P :-* :-O #:-S :(( :)) =D7 :-q :-bd

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