Monday, August 4, 2014

Good Times, Great Friends!

Sounds like a beer commercial. The truth is that I have been so busy this summer that I remembered I needed to Blog in August???.
Apologies all around, but I forget that people might want to know what I have been up to.

So here Goes! 

I work for JKPublishing as an Author, and some of my peers are organizing a blog Hop to showcase their newest book covers of books that will be released In August 2014 and even September 2014.  Some of the Writers are seasoned veterans and some will have their usual ( like me) "Here I am, this was my last release, and I am extremely proud of my accomplishments!"

I am proud to introduce the newest members of the JKPublishing roster of writers. I am Waiting for the cover picture of Lei Carol, the third newest Author! Will post that as soon as I get it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Springtime is finally here !!!!

AVAILABLE May 6, 2014

Regina would do anything for the cousin who took her in when she had nowhere else to go, even stand in as a replacement for a dinner date. What she is confronted with at the dinner could change her life, she just doesn't know if it is for the better.
Trey and Quinn come to town for business with plans to play in their down time. Instead, they meet a woman who has the ability to offer them everything.
Adam is a cop who has lost the will to survive after losing everything he held dear. A chance encounter with a victim brings back memories he is not sure he is ready to face.
To Regina, one attentive man would be enough for any woman, so with three, the doubts begin to surface, will she be enough for them? Add in the baggage that each man carries with them, and she is not so sure.
Will the men choose to move on with her? Or wallow in the past with bittersweet memories.

  Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MFMM with MM scenes. Mild BDSM.

This has been a year of trying to push myself into new avenues. I am the kind of Author that has at least 6 works in progress at any given time. This means that I will start a book, or have a story idea written down to expand upon later when the story comes to me. Sometimes the words come piecemeal, sometimes they come in entire chapters or the entire finished project. Regardless how the story unfolds, the characters will tell me what they want to do. At times it is like dealing with a bratty 5 year old. They stomp their feet and I give in or they remain pouting with arms crossed. It is frustrating for both of us.

One of those books that have been nagging at me is my newest book to be released May 6th. The title is  Regina's Men. Trust me when I say this is only the second book I have written that surprised me with the ease and subject matter/ personality of the characters.  Technically it is a M/M  MFMM. It began as a Menage, Yet another man kept knocking at the door and needed to be included in the story. I think you will like the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.!

So far I have written and released the 2nd Tremble Island book Hawk's Nest, which is a stand alone, as are all of the Tremble Island books planned to be written as. There will be recurring characters yes, but I strive to make the books read as if there was none before them.  I hate picking up a book that is in the middle of a series and become lost after two chapters because I have no idea what the characters are referring to.  So I try hard not to expect one of my readers to have to put up with that kind of thing.

Demon's End is the next book in the series !

Pair a Banshee with two Hunky Demon Prince's and you will get trouble!  I love this book and I hope readers will too! The Lord's of Tremble Island and their Lady Rane, come to sort out Morlein Hall and find out that things and beings on the Island didn't start when the first boat dropped anchor.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What a Winter !!!!

I say it is time to Heat things up! Are you working for the Bikini Body that you desperately want? or shoveling snow to keep active? I know a beautiful Lady that is learning to 'twerk' for exercise.  Me? I prefer the old fashioned way of keeping in shape, SEX.  No one complains after a good work out in the bedroom of stiff achy joints, or that you didn't get a good work out  ( as long as you do it right ). A good massage afterwards and you will sleep like a baby or, be ready to go another round!

I have a new Web Site !! 

It is still a work in progress, but I welcome comments and would appreciate feedback as it is being updated and added to.

Releasing Tuesday, February 4th.

A New Valentine's Celebration Anthology : Featuring; Gracie Meadows, Willow Brooke, Avery Gale, Jess Buffett, and Myself,, Lynn Ray Lewis.

Lighting Up Valentine’s Day by Avery Gale

Kylie Stone returns to her west Texas home to open a veterinary clinic, knowing her biggest distraction will be the man who has always seen her as nothing but the pesky, young daughter of his employer. Ranch foreman, Gavin McCloud hasn’t missed the fact Kylie is no long a girl, but he worried his kinks might be too much for her, until overhearing Kylie's comments to her best friend about heroes

Lighting Up Valentine’s Day by Avery Gale Kylie 

Stone returns to her west Texas home to open a veterinary clinic, knowing her biggest distraction will be the man who has always seen her as nothing but the pesky, young daughter of his employer. Ranch foreman, Gavin McCloud hasn’t missed the fact Kylie is no long a girl, but he worried his kinks might be too much for her, until overhearing Kylie's comments to her best friend about heroes in her erotic novels. Gavin then wonders if their needs might not mesh after all. 

Her Outback Valentine by Jess Buffett

Harper Andrews left home four years earlier, but never forgot about the cowboy who stole her heart, Ethan Taylor. Now Harper is home and determined to pick up where they left off, only this time, they play by her rules. Roping Cupid by Willow Brooke Finally home after finishing medical school, the last thing Harley Brannon expects to come face to face…er… horse with, is a flash from her past—Tim Kindle. Can Cupid knot the rope around their hearts, this time for good? 

Edna’s Heart by Lynn Ray Lewis

Edna “Eddie” Parker had been in love with Mathew Everly for years. When her world falls apart, will he admit his own feelings for her? Or will he continue to insist love is for sissies? 

Roping Candy’s Heart by Gracie Meadows 

Candy Drake, a local mechanic, set out on a call to fix a broken down truck, never expecting more than a simple service call. That is, until she meets Brett Turner. Brett Turner comes to town, ready to plant his feet after leaving the rodeo circuit. Who knew a broken down truck and a small little woman could cause more adrenalin to course through his body than a twenty-five hundred pound bull. When the truck starts, and the passion ignites between the two. Will love be found by fixing a simple part, or will their love be headed to the junk yard?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wonderful Days !!!

Today is my turn at the Jk Publishing Blog Hop and I am tickled.

I wish to thank all of you for being such great fans! So, This means I will be giving away
  •  2  10$ Amazon Gift cards
  •  5 Swag bags Containing Warming Lotion, Heat up Hearts, and more!
  •  2 e- books from the JK Publishing web site!

Just leave a message here on my blog and make sure to include your e-mail address for your chance to win!! I Love my readers and hope to see you all get a chance to win!

Be sure to visit the other Blogs to give yourself better odds of winning.

In other news! 

My next book Is Titled A Place For Us.

          Ventura Sidewell has been forced to lead a very solitary life, Fortunes change, Life gets bigger and Two men must teach her to trust in love.

        The two men came toward her and she felt her heart thump hard.  Side by side they were opposites but together they looked like a feast for a sex starved woman such as herself.  It had been a year and a half since her last tryst with an accommodating man.  He had been hard to say goodbye to.  She knew that he loved her, and would have stuck it out until she drove him away, but she didn’t want to string him along like that.
     Rance removed the handcuffs once Thorn had helped her to stand up.  “I am letting you go with Thorn.  He will take you somewhere safe and keep you hidden until we catch Kenneth Burns.  Thorn tells me that your mother is stashed in a safe place with a bodyguard already, so you will not have to fret about her.  I am sorry for the screw up in your plans, but right now, your life may well be in jeopardy.  I am sure your lawyer can take care of things for you here for a short while.”  As he spoke, Rance could see that there was going to be another rant from Ventura Sidewell.  That beautiful mouth was opening to make her demands and complaints.  He did something that could get him fired and probably sued to boot.  He gave into temptation and leaned in for a swift kiss, touching her tongue with his through her open mouth.
Hawks Nest is coming along nicely. It is the 2nd book in the Tremble Island series and is a very fun book to write!  I love my World!